Member Articles

When people hear about IIL’s Grateful Leadership initiative, they are often inspired to explore it in their own ways, to dig deeper into whatever “speaks to them,” and then to “give back” – to their peers, their leaders, their subordinates – in short, to anyone with an interest in making this kind of profound difference in people and their work.

Our regular article/podcast features contributed by CGL members include:

A monthly column is contributed by Positive Psychology expert/thought leader Donald R. Officer, author of the Positive Psychology News Daily article on Grateful Leadership: His column is called: “The Gratitude Connection.”

Roberto Daniel, Managing Director at Cebi Brasil, writes a monthly column on the critical need for Grateful Leadership in an economic downturn, and more. Roberto is one of the Grateful Leaders who was profiled in the book when he worked at Invensys, and continues his admirable practices at Cebi Brasil.

Jim Trela, PMP delivers a weekly podcast called “The Art of Grateful Leadership” that will help members start their week off right! In them, he interviews many of these members or uses their stories to drive home the critical need for the Grateful Leadership model. Jim was very affected by the case he felt was made for this need when he participated in IIL’s Grateful Leadership On Demand Course.

We welcome your contributions!