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Finding Gratitude in New Experiences

When I really thought about it, I found that it was easy to see the benefits in the entire experience as a whole, and there is so much gratitude to be found in the team sports experience. I’ll highlight some examples and how you can use these experiences as a lesson in gratitude for kids:

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The Gratitude Connection: Cultivating Gratitude in Yourself and the Many Others in Your Life

For March 2021, we continue to gleam nuggets of wisdom from “The “Gratitude Project”. A theme of “behavior changes are difficult – but worthwhile in moving to greater gratitude in our lives”. Changing to a more grateful attitude takes discipline and work. We are often “set in our ways” and old habits are difficult to break — even in pursuit of a better way. Still, the 5 C’s & greater focus on the being more grateful can help break barriers, so that gratitude becomes a greater part of our natural character.

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Love Heals – February 2021 Acrostic

During February, we celebrate the month of LOVE. We can only have a better year of 2021, by treating each other better than we did in 2020. A starting point is to share kind words, politeness, appreciation, and support. And to work at overlooking our minor differences — so that we focus more on unity. Grateful Leadership provides that foundations of kindness toward one another in spite of our many differences.

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185 ~ Synchronicity at Work

Join podcast host Judith W. Umlas as she interviews Chaplain Lt. Colonel Primitivo Davis, Executive Officer, U.S. Army Institute for Religious Leadership. They discuss the synchronicity of purpose […]

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