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135 ~ Acknowledgment Tips – How To

Welcome to the Art of Grateful Leadership podcast   When reflecting on the topic of acknowledgment, I started thinking about what would stop someone from acknowledging another person. I can […]

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134 ~ Acknowledging You Doctor.mp3

  Each of us spends time with certain professionals They are: Customer Service Representatives Cashiers Salespeople Receptionists Customer Support People Doctors Lawyers Accountants and more… Do you ever […]

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130 ~ Gratitude and Peace.mp3

Over the past few episodes,aActually, for the life of the entire podcast, I have been presenting the benefits of Gratitude.   Today, I would like to give you […]

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128 ~ Gratitude Research

In the last couple of episodes we have been looking at the importance of acknowledgment  And performing the acknowledgment now, not waiting Why is this important? It is […]

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