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A time for Gratitude…

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      Susan Parente

      Thank you so much Roxi! You are such an amazing person and the more I get to know you, the more I like you! 😀

      The silverlining thing you posted is so great! I originally heard the idea of being thankful to reduce anxiety from a Priest, who was quoting a passage in the Bible. As soon as I hear it, I realized that was the missing link for me. I had been so anxious last week. Of course I have my faith and I pray for God’s help and guidance, but I was still anxious. I think because I didn’t feel like there was anything I could do, then I started expressing gratitude to my husband and just feeling it each day, an abundance of gratitude.

      Out of that, I started seeing how I could contribute to those around me. Because I have acute asthma, I am particularly concerned about this virus. I am healthy and I exercise and eat well (for the most part), but I certainly don’t want to get sick, and perhaps even more importantly, I don’t want to get my husband or parents sick. What I realized I could do is lift the spirits of others and share what I know. I have been working virtual for the last decade and before there worked partially virtually for another ~3-5 years. So, I can write about that, do free webinars, and offer my help to anyone who needs it. I also realized I could be a Grateful Leader to my students (~90 of them that I am currently teaching in a few different courses). Even though these classes are all online, my students has been greatly impacted in the last few weeks and supporting them by sharing gratitude and listening for their gratitude is a great gift that I can give to them!

      Since I found what I can do, I am no longer feeling anxious and I am busy living in an abundance of help, love, and work!

      Thank you so very much and I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community that make such a difference for me!


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      Susan this is BEAUTIFUL!! You are so right too, and it’s MUCH easier to stay stressed in stressful times when you forget about being grateful.

      Gratitude has honestly been the thing keeping me going personally. Times are extremely difficult for everyone right now, and I’m no exception. But being grateful, not just day by day, but in the big picture too, is instrumental in keeping our wits about us.

      There are many things I’m grateful for in the moment. Some include my children, my home, my friends, and my ability to keep myself informed using the internet.

      I also am grateful that this new world has provided me the opportunity to write more.

      The other day I wrote a post on my Facebook that talked about silver linings. Finding them in a trying time is essential.

      Here is the text from that post:


      I’m drinking more water per day than I’ve drank collectively in the last 5 years.

      No fast food – we’re eating healthier, remembering our vitamins, and paying closer attention to personal health. Cooking at home means adding turmeric, chia, and other spices and roots that are really good for us.

      I’m stretching more. This is helping my joints not hurt quite so bad all the time.

      As such, I am also losing weight.

      My house is cleaner and more organized than ever and is only getting more so.

      Introversion prepared me for this, so having an excuse to stay home all the time is actually quite nice. The dreaded feeling right before any given activity hasn’t been a factor for almost a week now. This is good.

      I “see” my friends more. This has encouraged people to video chat and have group video chats. These are my kind of gatherings and I’m seeing faces I haven’t gotten to see in a long time. This is good.

      Working from home! This might be my favorite part.

      So what’s your silver linings?”

      I had mixed answers in my comments, but many were similar to mine. Some talked about how organized they’d gotten, or how thankful they were that they or their spouses had essential jobs.

      I think we have to keep people remembering what to be grateful for in a time like this.

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      Susan Parente

      <p style=”text-align: left;”><!–more–>I heard of a great way to reduce anxious and stress is to express gratitude. So I am sharing this thread for us to share what they are grateful for. We seem to be surrounded by negativity right now and I know that hearing what you are grateful for will help me and others.</p>
      Here are a few things I am grateful for:

      -You, my students. I am very grateful to be teaching you now, as I know many people are not able to work now.

      -My family: my husband and our 2 dogs: 7 year old Buster boy and 9 week old little Daisy girl. I am also extremely grateful that my elderly parents live only a few doors down from us.

      -Daily walks and Yoga on YouTube… these help me keep my sanity and raise my spirit!

      -The support and love of friends and neighbors.

      -I am also very grateful for the medical staff in our hospitals. Their dedication to help others is so greatly appreciated in this time of need.

      -You, my community of colleagues who share in the power of acknowledgment.

      Please share what you are grateful for. I believe it will make a difference for you and I know it will make a difference for me to hear about your gratitude!

      Thank you,


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