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Center for Grateful Leadership – 3 Year Anniversary

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      Wow! It’s hard to imagine that it’s been THREE years already!! What an awesome accomplishment and these years have been filled with such great things! I love this community, and I love serving it’s needs to my best ability. The message behind the CGL is SO important!

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      Jim, thank you so much for taking note of this auspicious occasion! You have played such a significant role in “maximizing” our message! We all appreciate and value your ongoing contribution as well as those of other of our “regular” contributors. We always want to encourage our members to participate in any meaningful (to them) way! What’s meaningful to them about the Grateful Leadership initiative is meaningful to all of us! Keep up your incredible work, Jim. And congratulations on your first successful Grateful Leadership session that you led at GM last week! And on to the next one, at Menlo Innovations next week. From “student” to teacher… I love the journey you have chosen to be on.

      With profound gratitude, Judy

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      Hello Everyone!!

      Did you know that Judy Umlas started the Center for Grateful Leadership on June 14, 2016?  That means we are headed toward the third anniversary of of its founding (or 3rd Birthday if you will).  Thank you for Judy in bringing your vision, not only to the members, but to the whole world. It is definitely something the whole world needs to hear!

      If you didn’t know, we are approaching 1,000 members strong!  Remember to Acknowledge Someone Each and Every day!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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