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I can hear your smile

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      Tom, what you wrote makes me feel like this work we are doing really matters. In fact, each time someone shares a breakthrough, as you did —  a transformation of the order that you describe, I know that my personal mission, purpose and passion do make a difference. You are an outstanding model of the impact commitment to this leadership model makes.

      And you have achieved the ultimate “acknowledgment” from me that you can’t even see or hear, and that is this: giving me a severe case of “goose bumps” as I read what you wrote. That’s the ultimate proof of the truth and importance of any acknowledgment of this work that I receive! 🙂

      I can’t begin to describe how profoundly you moved me. You and others passionate about this work give me the energy and the commitment to pursue this leadership model, no matter how unattainable my true goal is. And that is to reach everyone in the world with this message in a way that makes a huge, positive and powerful difference. In spite of all of the negativity we hear in the news and all around us, we are truly creating a world that works — all of the members of the CGL are making this possibility a reality. You are contributing to that in major ways, Tom. Keep them going! With gratitude and appreciation, Judy

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      OK.  As I have mentioned previously, when I get to work on Mondays I get my “coffee and podcast” right away (unless some priority item becomes a crisis!).  So today I sat with my cup and started listening.  I must say I smiled through the entire podcast.  And I agree with Jim.  When I hear or even read acknowledgments from Judy Umlas, you can’t miss the heartfelt empathy behind them.  You can almost hear the smile as she graciously acknowledges each recipient.  It is very enjoyable to be a part of the experience, even when she is presenting her experience to others.  Also, I agree there are many people outside of the CGL who have mastered the art of acknowledgment.  You can hear the smiles in their voices as well, and see the smiles on the faces of the audience as well.

      In my journey to being a grateful leader, I’ve learned how to hear the smile.  Throughout my career as a submariner, I learned how to distinguish between simple sounds and critical sounds; when a light goes out when someone flips the switch or when the light goes out because the power plant is shutdown during training drills.  Once you learn how to distinguish the differences, it is easy to know what is what.  Through my involvement with the Center for Grateful Leadership, when I hear people acknowledge others similar to how Judy acknowledges, I get a smile because I can hear the acknowledger’s smile!

      That said, I would like to thank all of you here, at the Center for Grateful Leadership.  Through the many writings, podcasts, stories, personal sharing and fellowship, I can hear your smiles.  And they make me smile.  Thank you for allowing me to hear your smiles.

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