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New Grateful Leader

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      Dear Stephanie,

      This is an amazing “testimonial” of the power of the work we are all doing! Thank you for putting it immediately to use and for summoning up the courage to do so. You now know the true power of acknowledgment. I know you will do great things with it. You are an inspiration to us all.

      I hope you will come to the next live webinar (December 13th at 1:00 PM ET) and also check out the archived podcasts and articles — all are great contributions by our members! Thanks so much for joining our community of practice.

      With gratitude,


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      Good day all. I am so excited to begin this journey as a Grateful Leader! I watched Judy’s IPM Day 2018 Grateful Leadership video and was immediately struck by how important the message and principles were. Immediately following watching the video I sent an email to a team I had been guiding who had been managing a tough project and acknowledged the hard work they had been doing, their openness to guidance and feedback, ability to remain objective, and the credibility they had built with the client. As I finished the email, I hesitated about whether to copy anyone on it. This hesitation made me aware of the “courage” part of acknowledgement and how we have to not let the hesitation stop us from sending the message we want to send. I copied the senior managers and sent the email. I immediately heard back from each team member about how important that message from me had been. One said I had made his day (a very seasoned and well-respected leader himself)!

      I have felt the difference in myself daily as I learn and apply the principles of Grateful Leadership and Acknowledgement more consistently each day. I look forward to the continuing journey!

      Stephanie Hanko

Viewing 1 reply thread
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