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      Terri, I’m so happy that you acted so quickly on my suggestion to join the CGL and to introduce yourself on the CB. Tom Kiley, thank you so much for welcoming Terri so warmly. I know that you will have as much to contribute to the Grateful Leadership initiative as Tom has, Terri. So thanks for taking the time to contribute already!

      You must meet another member who does leadership training with horses! Francisco, please say “hi” to Terri. We have such a great group of people in the CGL. I hope you will be joining us for our live webinar on Friday 11/16 at 1:00 pm. I will be sure to get you an invitation to that event. I’m so completely honored that you “allowed” my presentation to move you to action and completion. I’m sure you mother will receive the love that you will be sending her in that letter. Hugs to you and to every member of the CGL for their investment of time, resources and energy toward making this world a more positive place!

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        Many thanks Judy. I will be on vacation next week and unable to attend the 11/16 call. But please extend the invite for future get togethers.

        Francisco it is wonderful to know there is another horse person out there.

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      Welcome aboard Terri!  Your testimonial sounds a bit similar to my journey.  I started in 2015 when I listened to Judy’s presentation at the IPM Day.  She had a contest that I won and had an hour consult with her.  I must say that my life has changed, let alone my ability to acknowledge people for not only what they do, but for who they are.  I hope that your participation here at CGL will be as rewarding for you as it has been for me.  As for the menagerie, I am a native born New Yorker, who served 22 years in the Navy and traveled everywhere and picked up a wife, kids, dogs, cats, horses (as many as 24 at one time!) along the way.  Started out as a submariner and became husband, father, horse breeder, veterinarian, animal hauler, 4H dad and a ton more.  So I understand the menagerie duties well!  I look forward to many discussions about acknowledgment and horses!

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        I too will look forward to more discussion including the horses. We take an integrated medicine approach to our animals. You should see my horses when they get acupuncture.

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      I had the pleasure of hearing Judy’s presentation at the IIL PM conference. She touched my heart in that presentation. Though I am always very appreciative of my project team and let them know on a regular bases that they are valued, empowered and appreciated, I am not so great at telling my friends and loved ones how I feel. My mom passed away early at the age of 42 and I never told her I loved her. I didn’t make that mistake with my Dad. At first he could not say it back, but I never stopped, every week on Fridays I would call and eventually I heard those magically words. Because of Judy, I will write my mom a letter and do a better job at letting those around me know I love them, not assume I love them.

      My husband and I share our home with a menagerie of rescues. Horses, donkeys, mini donkeys, goats, chickens, Peacocks, ducks, dogs and cats. They fill our life with so much love (I am good at them I love them). I am a Product Manager by day and a Shaman and Cranial Sacral worker by night.

      I am so grateful to IIL for being responsible for introducing me to Judith and this wonderful site.

      Love and Joy to everyone who reads this.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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