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Podcast 102 – TIME

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      Tom – Thanks for the excellent review 🙂 … yes, the principles 0f Grateful Leadership apply to all age groups & are a life long challenge in meeting those best practices of excellence toward one another … and as someone shared with me, TIME is indeed one of most valuable gifts to use wisely

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      Jim, outstanding podcast! Thank you so much for speaking about time. It really costs nothing and yet is the most valuable commodity there is. Even a little time well spent can last an entire life time. A minute of your time can generate years of memories to share and re-experience over and over again. And time as the song goes is on our side. The examples you shared today prove it.
      I remember the time my father spent to be the coach for our little league teams when I was 9-12. Here I am, just turned 60 and I remember them as if they were yesterday. They meant so much to me, I decided to coach my own son’s team when he was 9. All my memories came back, and when I watched the kids play, I could see the same type of memories being formed in their faces. All it took was some time each week for a summer.
      I remember smiles of thanks received from so many people who I knew and even those I didn’t know; opening doors for someone, having the doors opened for me, etc.
      So, thank you Jim for sharing some of your precious time with us all. It is truly cherished by us all; definitely by me.

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