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      Tom –

      It appears that our lives have been running parallel paths for the last couple months.  My condolences on the passing of your Father.  As I was told over the last few weeks, the apple does not fall far from the tree, therefore your Father must have been a man to be looked up to and respected.

      I’m sure you will agree that taking the time to acknowledge people, especially those that have had a profound impact on our life, puts all your life in perspective.  Imagine the impact those people that just touch your life for a minute have, and how an acknowledgment can launch them into a successful trajectory toward their goals.

      People like you, Tom, and the other members of the Center for Grateful Leadership, are making a difference in people’s lives. Your posting here helps reinforce the need for acknowledgment in today’s world.

      Acknowledging people frees you to be present with those around you, even if its just a phone call or a letter.  In the Art of Grateful Leadership Podcast, I have stressed the need for acknowledgment. And sometimes, as I’ve experienced with my Dad’s passing, just being there is acknowledgment in a most powerful form. Being there physically. Being there through a phone call. Being there through an email or a letter.

      I encourage everyone to let people know you are thinking of them, and you are with them during their ups and downs. It means so much.

      Thank you for your post.

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        Dear Jim,

        Your heartfelt appreciation of Tom’s inspiring post is just further evidence that you both are making a huge contribution to the Grateful Leadership initiative! You do this by modeling it on a day-to-day basis. I’m so proud to have you both as regular contributors and participants! Keep up the amazing work you are doing.

        Jim, you’re getting close to your 100th podcast in the “The Art of Grateful Leadership” podcast series. Your dedication and persistence are truly amazing! And Tom, your  frequent “visits” to the Communication Board are always welcome and appreciated.  My deepest gratitude to you both.

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      Tom, your acknowledgment of Jim’s podcast is so generous and heartfelt, that it deeply touches me. What Jim shared with the world in this podcast took great courage on his part, and I know he inspired many, if not all of his listeners. Your presentation on our January webinar in which you shared that incredible acknowledgment of your father, is an inspiration to all as well. Any members of our CGL community should make sure to hear that as well as Jim’s podcast. You can access Tom’s presentation by going to

      We are all deeply honored and moved by the inspirational contributions of CGL members like you and Jim! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for bringing this initiative to all you encounter.

      With my personal sympathies to you both for the loss of two great fathers. It’s eminently clear to me that they raised two great sons!

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      Podcast 89 hit me wonderfully. Jim opened up about acknowledging when you get the chance. That is the absolute truth. Being Conscious of the need to acknowledge is the first part. The choice to deliver the acknowledgment is critical. Jim’s example brings that to life. My choice to acknowledge my father before he passed in December was critical, since I live 3000 miles away. I last saw him in 2013, and I acknowledged him then. My last phone call that he could actually converse well I acknowledged him then. The final few calls I let him know I was here for him, all 3000 miles away. And when I said my last goodbye, I sent him off with a military salute to his next duty station. When you are conscious of the acknowledgment to give, you should choose wisely to give that acknowledgment. And definitely go through all of the 5 C’s, they are so important; courage to give acknowledgment in an expeditious manner if necessary, communicate the message as best you can, and commit to doing it before it’s too late.
      Jim, I believe that you podcast # 89 is your best. Thank you so much for sharing.

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