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      Hello all from balmy Southeastern Washington State! OK. No it’s not balmy at all. As I write, we are getting 2 more inches of snow to add to the record 36 inches that fell in February. That may not seem a lot to some, but in a region known as a high plains desert 36 plus inches is called “Snowmageddon” and “Snowpocolypse”.

      I listened today to Jim Trela’s latest podcast, “The Group Needing the Most Acknowledgment Today”. It is sad to know that our children see self termination as a possible avenue away to relieve the stresses they face. I am certain that Jim is absolutely correct these fine young people need all the encouragement and acknowledgment they can get and deserve. We parents are always proud of our children with their accomplishments and with the ways they seem to find to succeed in those accomplishments. And those accomplishments go further after high school and college. They go straight into their life journeys, whether they become business people, have families or fulfill some other destiny. They have the same struggles we’ve experienced in our life journeys. They need to be acknowledged and encouraged as well so they don’t see the need to make that final choice. For instance, my youngest daughter had struggled as a single mom, and fell victim to an easy out with drugs, mostly marijuana. it became more difficult to deal with that after the state legalized recreational use. But she did it. She cleaned herself up. In fact she cleaned up along with her boyfriend-turned-husband. They both deserve and get acknowledgment for the effort to better themselves and encouragement to continue down a better path for their lives. Their effort included the stresses of having their own children, my 2 fantastic granddaughters. These two young adults faced stresses no one should have to face, and made it. They still face difficulties, as we all do. My wife and I have given them as much encouragement and acknowledgment that parents, parents-in-law and grandparents can give. We know it won’t be enough; they need to take their journey down the right path and learn how to acknowledge each other.
      Our children who are growing up and learning about life, who are grown and taking that journey, and those who are well along that path are all in need of all the acknowledgment and encouragement we can possible give them. It’s part of our journey, and a blessing to have that opportunity.

      Thank you so very much Jim for bringing this need for acknowledgment to us all.

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