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Podcast 97 – Recent opportunity to relay the same message

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      Tom – thanks for sharing 🙂 … Judy wrote the two reference manuals for us – sharing best practices in human leadership & teamwork … the podcasts are weekly “real world” examples of how following these high standards make a difference both to us & others in our daily conduct of life.

      At one point, I had all of them downloaded so I can load to MP3 player — and I need to catch up some now that we are nearing the 100 milestone 🙂

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      Hello everyone. I can tell you it’s nice to see the ground again. After the ground hog proclaimed spring is coming, we had 36+ inches of snow in the Tri Cities area of Washington State, an all time record for this high plains desert. I think the ground hog needs some acknowledgment and encouragement to assist in him getting over the major mistake made concerning our neck of the woods; better luck next time and all.

      I always enjoy my coffee and podcast on Mondays, and today was no different. And I would like to share a related engagement about the topic I had while attending a leadership training event a couple of weeks ago.

      My company has initiated a leadership training program for all levels of management, designed to improve our leadership skills etc. For my peer level we have four 2 day sessions spread throughout the year. My group is the inaugural group, first after the pilot. So far it has been enjoyable, learning about ourselves through a survey we took based on the Carl Jung surveys. One of the discussion topics was on recognition and acknowledgment of our direct reports. They were discussed as equal tools for leaders. With everything I have learned through CGL and Jim’s podcasts, I recognized immediately the error in that statement. As Jim says in his podcast, acknowledge someone for who they are; their attitude and behavior. Recognize their accomplishments for sure, but acknowledge them for WHO THEY ARE. It was good to see my classmates/team members agree with this during the following discussion.

      So, thank you Judy for your reinforcing the difference and Jim for bringing that reinforcement to us.

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