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Positive Psychology Acrostic


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      Don, thanks for sharing this handy/helpful acrostic with us! Ever since you first interviewed me for the Positive Psychology Newsletter following the publication of the Grateful Leadership book (, you and I have both sensed the alignment of Positive Psychology and Grateful Leadership. Thanks for pursuing the opportunities to make this evident in this newer (for us) world. I think ultimately that Grateful Leadership can and should find a real “home” in this realm. PERMA makes this all the more dramatically clear! And thanks for your ongoing contributions to our community. We are most appreciative! Best, Judy


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      ^^^ Thank you 🙂 — yes, the “power of positive thinking” is an important tool that compliments acknowledgment & gratitude … All 3 operate hand-in-hand in a dependent manner — where when one is missing, the whole approach on leadership will suffer.

      P.S. I did a search and found numerous articles, including this in-depth write-up

      There are also many U-Tube educational sessions available:

      Positive Psychology with Martin Seligman

      PERMA – Martin Seligman

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      On our May Q&A call, we shared a discussion about acrostics (using the first letters of a triggering list to spell out as a way to remember key ideas). Positive Psychology has an acrostic of its own to keep interested readers aware of the key strengths that make for a happy, meaningful life. Here is PP founder Martin Seligman’s PERMA acrostic or acronym:

      P ositive Emotion

      E ngagement

      R elationships

      M eaning

      A ccomplishments

      To discover more on how cultivating PERMA works and how we know it, just reply to the post.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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