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      Leslie, what a moving and beautiful story! I’m touched to know of a leader like yours — and you have helped us all see some other aspects of being a Grateful Leader that we can all strive toward — one who both shows compassion and who knows “when to step in and help, even when someone says they don’t want or need help.” Your story makes that so clear! And, by the way, did you ever truly and profoundly acknowledge that leader for what he did with his relentless compassion? If you haven’t, we have this little form called “The Knock Your Socks Off Acknowledgment” form I would be happy to send you! 🙂 Great job, great story – thanks so much for sharing it with all of us. With gratitude, Judy

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      Hello All,

      I wanted to share a story that I feel exemplifies the qualities of what a true grateful leader looks like. This story is from 2009 while I was working for large publishing company. I was working to work and not really looking towards where I was going and all of a sudden, I slipped and fell on the side of the curb and banged up my knee pretty badly. I remember the moment I fell like it was yesterday. It felt so surreal. I was slightly light headed from the impact and was not very sure where I was. A few pedestrians passed me by but no one stopped to see if I was ok. I tried walking it off like it was no big deal and was determined to go to work since I was literally only a few blocks away. However, the pain in my leg was much stronger than my will so I decided I needed to alert my manager Ken. So, I called my manager pretending to be strong and when he picked up I said ” Hi Ken, its Leslie, I know I am late for work, I’m so sorry but I fell on the street and I’m on my way in”. The first thing Ken asked me if I was alright and if I needed help. I of course, responded “No, that’s fine, I’m ok”. I’ll just walk it off. Then Ken responded, ” You don’t sound ok, where are you?”. So I told him I was two blocks away but that it was not necessary for him to come. Regardless, he came to get me and when he saw how bad I really was and how my jeans were soaked in blood, he immediately got me in a cab and took me to the nearest hospital. During the cab ride, I was hysterical in pain and feeling very scared and he being a great manager calmed me down and tried to take my mind off of the present situation. He even canceled all his meetings that day to make sure I was alright. He not only took me to the hospital but he waited with me in the ER until I was seen by a doctor. I was so moved by his act of kindness and for him to come and help me despite my attempt to appear strong.  A true leaders is willing to go above and beyond and show compassion and kindness and knows when to step in and help even when someone says they don’t want or need help. That is what I would consider a real leader and I strive to be more courageous and compassionate in my own life.

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      Send us your stories! If you have a story we can feature on our “Tell Me a Story” section of the site, we would love to hear it! If you have a podcast, or video to go along with it please also send it to me at

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