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The great experience of being a Certified Instructor in GL

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      Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend, a into a myperfectresume

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      I am glad to read this

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      I am glad to read this article.

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      A week ago I had the benefit of showing the principal course in Grateful Leadership® in Mexico, for a gathering of 10 individuals from Nestlé. They are the principal organization in Mexico and Latin America to be keen on the Grateful Leadership and consequently they are pioneers in this issue.

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        Thank you for sharing … it is a difficult transition to change from traditional management process to a more “people based” leadership style.  And this type of training changes & makes a difference 1 person at a time 🙂

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      When you have certification of this field so it will be a trump card for yourself. It will give you a benefits of your career.

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      Thank you …. Wish the utmost success for all future training sessions … and we need to help make the world a better place — by teaching those helpful best human practices — on how to better get along with one another 🙂

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      Francisco, you have beautifully described the challenging, but ultimately so rewarding, journey of becoming a certified instructor of the Grateful Leadership courses. You made me work very, very hard with the additional complexity of language issues, but you taught me a lot as well. For example, I have known for a while that none of the “romance languages” (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) has the equivalent of the word “acknowledgment” in them. So you came up with the creative idea of calling it “recognition from the heart,” which I approved. And we also agreed that you would do your best to teach them the full meaning of our word. So I see that you have done both, based on the transcripts of the videos of your practice sessions. You really do have the gift, Francisco, and we are so honored to have you teaching this critical message. May there be many more assignments for you, and maybe one day we will co-present in Mexico, which would be a pleasure. Thanks for writing this – I think it will encourage others to begin their journey in this powerful direction. With gratitude, Judy

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      The experience of being a Certified Instructor in GL

      Last week I had the privilege of teaching the first course in Grateful Leadership® in Mexico, for a group of 10 people from Nestlé. They are the first company in Mexico and Latin America to be interested in the Grateful Leadership and therefore they are pioneers in this matter.

      The 10 participants were very interested in starting to apply as soon as possible the concepts of the Leadership Grateful in their leadership style, some of them are very curious about how their collaborators are going to receive it, others have a strategy of how to start, but all they were able to realize the impact they can achieve by giving acknowledgment.

      I am very proud but above all very happy to have had the opportunity to certify myself as a Grateful Leadership instructor because this topic helped me to see things from a totally different point of view. I am very grateful to all my colleagues at IIL who helped me achieve this, especially with Rodolfo Ambriz, Georgina Basave and of course Judy Umlas, because without them this would not have happened.

      I would like to tell you a little about my history and my experience for this certification. I have been an instructor and consultant for IIL since 2003, in all topics related to how to best carry out projects, using best practices, methodologies, tools, standards, etc. But in all these years of helping all kinds of organizations to form project offices, develop and manage project portfolios, coordinate waterfall and agile projects, develop business analysis and strategic planning, I realized that the important thing is really have the right people, form the ideal team is the key and for that reason for 8 years I have paid more attention to Human Development, without leaving everything else behind. I started to give Human Development Workshops with Horses in which I really realize how essential it is for organizations to focus on making strong and integrated teams before continuing to impose new “magic” methodologies to improve results.

      Therefore the day I was invited to certify myself as Greatful Leadership gave me great pleasure but at the same time it gave me a bit of laziness, because I needed to dedicate many hours of study, deep understanding and interviews to achieve it, but once I started to understand the theme, it attracted me so much that I put it as one of my priorities and adapted my schedules to be able to attend the interviews with Judy Umlas, as I advanced in the understanding and discovery of this topic, I became convinced that it is a very powerful key to achieve changes in people.

      Before I said that it was much easier to train children and young people than to try to transform adults who are already so contaminated with our prejudices and paradigms, because for me it was very obvious how much more time and dedication was required to modify the behavior of a team of people within an organization that effort necessary to guide the behavior of a team of children or youth. But as I begin to develop the culture of Acknowledgment in organizations it is as if I have been given the secret key to accelerate those changes in the behavior of adults. It becomes something relatively simple and generates a very good energy in the equipment.

      The issue seems very simple but until I started applying it I understood that not everyone has the characteristics to achieve certification because it is not easy to transmit these concepts and make people want to start using it as a complement to their leadership style, the Today I am convinced that having this certification (even if it is so difficult) as a Grateful Leadership Instructor is a great way to transcend and help to adopt the culture of acknowledgment in organizations.

      Thank you very much

      Francisco Ambriz


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