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The mouths of babes

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      It’s wonderful when children learn the Power of Acknowledgment at such an early age! And look at the difference your granddaughter has made: to her mom, to her grand dad and to all of us at the CGL! I’m so happy to hear this story! 🙂  Thanks for sharing it!

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      Sometimes it’s enjoyable to hear the things that kids say.  For those of us who remember Art Linkletter’s “Kids say the darndest things”, this might be a good one for the heart.  My daughter was walking my 7 yr old granddaughter to school today and got a wonderful acknowledgment.  I think it’s worth sharing.  (She does have a copy of Judy’s children’s book, so…!)

      As I was taking Larissa to school this morning she says “Thank you Mommy.” I say “what for?” And she goes “for everything you do for me, getting me up and helping me get ready for school, making sure I am here on time, thank you for taking care of me.” It really made me feel good to hear her say that, especially out of the blue!

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