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    Hello everyone, my name is Isadora, I’m from Brazil and I work on the IIL local company here. I did have my first contact with the power of aknowledgement when I was helping to translate the book POA for kids in Portuguese, it was an incredible “open minding” for me, during the days I pass reading it I realized that in some way it was changing something in me, I was thinking more before say something and what was the best way to talk what I wanted to that person, it helped on my personally life, so when I finished the translation I was talking with Judy about how amazing that can be. Now I’m very excited to know more about this grateful world that we can create and live, I think everybody should have the opportunity to know about the power of acknowledgement, let’s share this precious content that Judy gave us with most people that we can, I’m very happy to being in here with you guys!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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