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    Hi Tom,

    I loved your challenge!  I was recently laid off from my job at MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) after 18 years.  While on the surface this looked like an awful thing it turned out to be a huge blessing.  I learned who my friends were in short order and one of them was our very own Judy Umlas.  Talk about walking the talk!  I am now employed after only 2 short weeks of being laid off as an educational consultant for IIL.  I am both Grateful and humbled by the opportunity.

    I also received a dear note from one of my mentors at MDACC:


    I want you to know that I appreciate you like I know many other people do.  You are a special person that went out of her way to help so many others, in the hospital and outside in public.  From the volunteer work you did at the hospital to serving meals to the homeless, you have made a significant difference in their lives.  All the activities you were involved in always included helping others.  You never gave up trying to improve yourself and I noticed that you did it not just for yourself, but to help others develop themselves, guiding them on their way.

    My hope is that you will always be happy and that you will always pick yourself up when adversity hits you unexpectedly even while it is staring you in the eye.  Smile at it because you are so very talented and be confident that you will make it through.  Your future is very bright because you believe in yourself like I believe in you!  People like you, and I feel that you will keep on going with your head high knowing that you care.  Caring is very important to you and it is what makes you who you are.  It is why people want to be your friend, as I was and I will always be. 

    Be happy and smile because you have earned it.

    Danny G.

    With this kind of support how could I not be successful.  I appreciate your leadership and now I have more time to answer challenges like this one!

    Kathy Kest


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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