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    Hi, folks,

    My name is Roger Aucoin from NY (by way of Boston for my first 50 years). I have traded a number of emails with Judy after taking her ‘Power of Acknowledgement’ course from IIL. I have been impressed with her willingness to engage with me from the get-go.

    I look forward to engaging with any of you. I find the principles “obvious” when reading about them, but they are sparse in every-day life. I can certainly make them more obvious in my interactions, but the key is spreading the word.

    When I first participated in the Power of Acknowledgement course, I went to work to acknowledge my appreciation for the Deputy Director I report to. He indicated that it meant a lot to hear it from me.  I was hoping he would ask why I did so, but he didn’t. And I don’t know how to suggest to him and our Director to get up, walk around, meet folks, and share their appreciation. They do so via email blasts to everyone, but, as you all know, it is not the same.

    Oh well. More to learn and share.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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