82 Percent Of People Don’t Trust The Boss To Tell The Truth

A simple change in how we interact with each other can actually foster an environment where people can perform at their best, be more engaged in their work, and have a positive impact on the level of trust employees feel toward the boss.
Ty Kiisel

Huffington Post

How Can We Benefit From Grateful Leadership?

Under a Grateful Leader, people want to perform to their maximum. It’s the clearest testimonial to gratitude in the workplace. It creates a feeling of appreciation both for people and in people. It makes a person feel proud and engenders a feeling of loyalty.
Kyle Dowling

Positive Psychology News Daily

Surely This is No Secret

Gratitude has long been appreciated as a powerful implement in the happiness toolkit. Positive Psychologists have recommended the keeping of a gratitude journal. However, after a while just recording blessings starts to lose luster. To keep energy high, gratitude must be paid forward – expressed as open acknowledgment which takes on a vibrancy of its own.
Donald Officer

Huffington Post

The Power of Parenting With Acknowledgment

Even through cyber-enemies, the Internet, bullying, and other negative hell raisers, there is a way for our younger generations to retain their innocence and just get along. The solution lies in acknowledgment.
Kyle Dowling

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You’re Totally Awesome! The Power of Acknowledgment for Kids

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Using Acknowledgment to Create a Culture of Wellbeing?
Wellbeing Leader Judy Umlas Says It Only Takes 5 Cs

How can you put the 5 Cs of Acknowledgment into action in your own life and the way you lead?
Renee Moorefield

Association for Talent

The 5 Cs of Grateful Leadership

Discussing and implementing the 5 Cs with your teams and throughout your company will inspire all of your stakeholders to perform their best and start reaching the highest possible levels of engagement.
Judith W. Umlas

Pushing the PMBOK® Guide to Include Acknowledgment

Project managers should continually motivate their team by providing challenges and opportunities, by providing timely feedback and support as needed, and by recognizing and rewarding good performance.

Good Morning America

Reinventing Yourself and Pursuing Your Passion!

Watch the interview as Joan London welcomes Judith Umlas on Good Morning America.

WDIY Radio – NPR Station

Take Charge of Your Life

Listen to the interview as Eleanor Bobrow welcomes guest Judith Umlas to discuss how to treat people in the working environment in a way that will increase their productivity and loyalty to the firm.